***** Note before eating any wild food please take the time to positively identify it before harvesting, if you have any doubt DON’T eat it!  The following photos are not suitable for identification purposes, that is not the intended purpose of this blog.


Eating morels was a new experience for me, we had discovered them on our property last year, but I tend to hesitate when it comes to wild mushrooms as some edible mushrooms can have poisoness look alikes, so I was a little nervous about eating them and as you know morel season is short so we used the ones we found to make a slurry and poured it out in our yard in places they would like. 

Well we were rewarded with lots of morels this year and since we were sure we had positively identified them, I finally gave the o.k. that my family was waiting with anticipation for.  We found them hiding in all sorts of places,

they especially seemed to like the lilacs, maybe because we like to put wood ashes there, it was like a fun treasure hunt for the boys.

They were a pretty good size and offered enough for us and our neighbors.

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Vegan “eggnog” no sugar


To celebrate that our cookbook is officially out, finally.  We will be posting a few festive recipes to wet your appetite, and what drink is more festive this time of year than eggnog. This “Neggnog” recipe is our version of a vegan Eggnog, that the whole family can enjoy.  Yummy goodness without all the cholesterol, and it’s sweetened with dates and stevia, what could be better? Continue reading

preserving your corn harvest


Note: This is a post from last year that somehow didn’t make it to being posted.  I found it as I was looking for a recipe and thought you might still enjoy it.

Although we`re nearing the end of summer, the garden is still in full swing, and keeping me busy harvesting  zucchini, beans, and of course corn.  In the past, my easy out was always to freeze them, but since going off-grid we are down to one freezer, and it’s pretty full already.  So what was a girl to do. Continue reading

Rainbow Pasta an asparagus dish you’ll love


Well spring has finally sprung, and we have been busy planting lots more asparagus, as our reward for our hard efforts we enjoyed picking some of the asparagus we already had, from a patch we had planted years ago.  I love perennial vegetables, anything that I only have to plant once gets lots of stars in my book.  I think we planted between fifty to a hundred in our last patch, but we love asparagus so much and since we get our crowns from V.Kraus Nurseries for such a good price, we decided to plant another two hundred this year.  Am I crazy?  Maybe, but can you really have too much asparagus?  Not when you’ve got a great recipe like this. Continue reading

Make your own Maple Candy

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Although maple syrup is great just the way it is, maple candy is wonderful on a whole new level.  Taking a bite and feeling those little maple syrup crystals melting on your tongue is something you must experience for yourself.  It doesn’t require much, just a large pot, a thermometer, a candy mold or a silicone mold, some maple syrup, a little coconut oil, and a little vegetable oil. Continue reading