***** Note before eating any wild food please take the time to positively identify it before harvesting, if you have any doubt DON’T eat it!  The following photos are not suitable for identification purposes, that is not the intended purpose of this blog.


Eating morels was a new experience for me, we had discovered them on our property last year, but I tend to hesitate when it comes to wild mushrooms as some edible mushrooms can have poisoness look alikes, so I was a little nervous about eating them and as you know morel season is short so we used the ones we found to make a slurry and poured it out in our yard in places they would like. 

Well we were rewarded with lots of morels this year and since we were sure we had positively identified them, I finally gave the o.k. that my family was waiting with anticipation for.  We found them hiding in all sorts of places,

they especially seemed to like the lilacs, maybe because we like to put wood ashes there, it was like a fun treasure hunt for the boys.

They were a pretty good size and offered enough for us and our neighbors.

Morels are hollow in the center so you want to soak them, we soaked them in salt water, they like to be home to the little insects sometimes.  Then we sliced them in quarters and cooked them.

The first time we just fried them in a little oil until they were brown, but the second time Ethan breaded them and fried them and Gavin especially liked them that way.  They have a wonderful smell while they are cooking, I don’t know if I can describe it…..  All in all they were pretty good and we felt happy to be eating something we had foraged for.

They were so good I don’t think we got a photo of the finished product.  And like a lot of good things their harvest time was brief but they are definitely something we will look forward to eating again next year.  I would encourage you if you ever have the opportunity to try them.

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